Friday, June 20, 2008

Dropa Casts its First Stone!!!

The Dropa Stone is an up and coming experimental rock trio stationed in Orlando, FL. Featuring an Avant-Garde Alternative Rock sound, they apply their creative prowess to establish a powerful live show highlighted by melodic vocals, spacey-textured guitar and an inventive punching rythym section. The Dropa Stone takes its listeners through a diverse musical background ranging from experimental hard rock, funk, blues and jazz. The trio prides itself on continuing to evolve their live shows with tons of improvisation, extended jams and collaborations with their favorite local musicians.

The band recently finished up recording their debut self titled E.P., which was produced by Justin Thomas at Gridlock Studios. The E.P. spans over many different topics, such as: a programmed society, media industry, political awareness and a call to action regarding the state of the current musical paradigm, just to name a few.

Check out a superb rendition of The Dropa Stone performing Led Zeppelin's Kashmir, watch the video below:

For more on The Dropa Stone, check out: ; ; and (Coming Soon)


Spencer said...

Nice, Nice real Nice. Great job. Thats a hard ass song to pull off as well as they did.

Lilly said...

Nice cover. What a sexy song.
Good looking band.